Duty of Candour legislation ensures we tell those affected that an unintended or unexpected incident has occurred; apologise; involve them in meetings about the incident; review what happened with a view to identifying areas for improvement; and learn (taking account of the view of relevant persons).

The organisational Duty of Candour provisions of the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) (Scotland) Act 2016 (The Act) and the Duty of Candour Procedure (Scotland) Regulations 2018 set out the procedure that organisations providing health services, care services and social work services in Scotland are required by law to follow when there has been an unintended or unexpected incident that results in death or harm (or additional treatment is required to prevent injury that would result in death or harm). Enabling and managing risk is a central part of delivering quality care services.

Candour promotes responsibility for developing safer systems; better engages team members in improving supports; and creates greater trust in people who use these services, either first hand or on behalf of someone else. Surehaven introduced an organisational Duty of Candour procedure and guidance in April 2018. Our policy and guidance set out our procedural steps; promotes best practice; and provides a checklist to be followed to fulfil the duty. Our guidance is not intended to be a definitive interpretation of the legislation on Duty of Candour.

However, following an unintended or unexpected incident, we expect our board members, managers and team members to follow the guidance in implementing the processes outlined. We believe our procedure and guidance helps ensure consistency of approach within Surehaven and contributes to equity of response across Scotland’s health and social care sector.

Annual report:

This annual report meets our organisational requirement to make information public about the number and nature of incidents to which the Duty of Candour procedure has applied in relation to care and support services provided by Surehaven Glasgow.

I can confirm that during the period 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 there were no incidents to which the Duty of Candour applied at Surehaven Hospital Glasgow (as defined in the 2018 Regulations).

In terms of training during the last year we provided information sessions on Duty of Candour responsibilities for our staff and management team members. All our management team members also completed the Duty of Candour e-learning.

Martin Cassidy

Hospital Manager